A3D Labs
Identity, Branding System

A3D Labs is an innovative, up-and-coming 3d printing company geared towards creative entrepreneurs. They strive to make this form of printing accessible and affordable to small businesses, while making the technology as easy to understand as possible.

Unlike other hi-tech companies out there that often have very sterile corporate designs, this new startup wanted a fresh design that felt energetic, people friendly, and approachable. The overall vibe I went for when developing this brand was "technology with the human element". I wanted to stray away from typical 3-dimensional logos commonly used by other 3D printer companies, and instead used very simple flat lines in a formation that could easily be replicated by hand, emphasizing the user-friendliness of the printers themselves. Carrying this clean design style and relatable language throughout, I developed a main logo and sub-brand logo, supplemental icons, a stationery set, packaging design, and responsive website.