SDSU Open Studio

Event Poster

Open Studios is the yearly SDSU graphic design portfolio exhibition. My goal was to create a poster that would encompass the collected experience of our design students without being cheeseily over-inspirational or cliche.

Some of our most important tools are our hands. Tools that get abused a lot throughout the semester. Amidst the constant keyboard carpal tunnel and 12AM x-acto knife wrist cramps, I found myself swearing these hands were going to fall off if I kept designing. So I forwent the typical optimistic message of past posters for something more darkly humorous and strangely motivational, and added a severed hand to the mix, still clutching a Wacom pen with the title "'Til Your Hands Fall Off" scrawled at the bottom.

The message is simple: While it may feel like your hands are going to turn into bloody stumps, keep going, keep designing.

Read a full description of this project on Behance.